Organizations regularly need to assess vulnerabilities and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their security systems. For industries that include utilities, airports and schools, national and international security programs and standards frequently change, as do public expectations about security measures in place.

Even the best security systems can become obsolete, so a thorough security assessment should be completed every two to five years. Modern security relies on the advancements being developed through technology, and those are often directly related to the changing threats that make people, facilities and assets vulnerable.

As part of Montel Technologies’ consulting service, we provide security audits, assessments and recommendations based on the unique needs of each client’s physical premises, systems, policies and procedures, training and compliance requirements. A security and risk assessment may include review of such issues as:

  • Physical topography and landscaping
  • Facility access points and entry points
  • Security personnel
  • Current systems include lighting, alarms, fences, gated entrances
  • Associated land (parking lots, loading docks, pick-up areas, etc.)
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns and needs
  • Cameras and monitoring devices
  • Entrances, exits and stairwells
  • Locks and credentialing such as access cards
  • Personnel policies and procedures.

Our experience, coupled with relationships with some of the industry’s most trusted and innovative brands, allows us to audit current security systems and recommend solutions and upgrades that are more effective and efficient.



Analytics / Reporting

With advancements in technology, our ability to gather, filter, correlate and analyze security information in growing exponentially.

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Audits / Risk Management

Even the best security systems can become obsolete. A thorough security assessment should be completed every two to five years.

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Implementation / Project Management

We keep a constant eye on design and project specifications, managing the details of the entire project.

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Maintenance / Repair

Montel Technologies offers security system maintenance contracts and repair services to protect the investment in a security solution.

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Planning / Design

Montel Technologies has comprehensive capabilities to address security needs across a variety of industries.

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Mobile Security

Security solutions are not limited to permanent spaces anymore. Given the threats facing large public events and gatherings, there is a growing need to protect the people and property in these temporary settings.

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