Montel Technologies understands the unique business processes and security needs of different industries and as a leading provider of custom-engineered IT and physical security solutions Montel leverages digital technologies to protect everything from our nation’s critical infrastructure to business assets. Montel has a depth of specialized expertise across all industries and aware of a diverse security challenges that all industries are facing. Montel nearly brings two decades of extensive experience to its customized security solutions that protect essential assets for people, business and infrastructures across the country. When security matters most, Fortune 500 companies, Airports, Energy suppliers, Government Authorities, Educational Institutions and more trust Montel to deliver high-end results. Montel serves the regulatory compliance needs of a variety of industries from businesses to critical infrastructure companies. By utilizing our broad-based experience, we serve highly diversified group of industries and aim at providing industry-specific physical security solutions to meet the unique needs of any businesses.

In an effort to capture the “connected” traveler Airports must have the on-demand service, travelers expect. Rather than be the sense of security from the time the traveler steps onto to the facility, to the most state of the art flight information display systems, Kiosks to enable self-check in, to fast readily available Wi-Fi access Montel Technologies has the experience and past performance in delivering. We provide airports with necessary platforms to build operational efficiency and safety.

Montel has worked with education leaders at Chicago and Rockford Public Schools to enhance their security infrastructure with upgraded technology to mitigate risks and improve safety for students, teachers and administrators. Montel’s advanced security solutions based on IP technology are helping primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities improve security, enhance operations and minimize risks and losses. Montel has deployed over 100 schools to date at Chicago and Rockford Public Schools. Choose Montel to ensure safety at Schools!

Businesses must ensure the safety of people, systems, processes, facilities and resources, integrated to achieve their strategic business goals. Montel understands unique security needs of the businesses and customizes smart security solutions for them through integrating existing security infrastructures with upgraded cutting-edge technologies. Montel’s complete IT and physical security systems provide a wide range of security services that fully satisfies any business’s needs no matter what industry they reside in. Real-Time Security in Your Corporate Facility.

Public safety is among the top priorities of any nation’s government. Montel supports government agencies with leading and innovative IT security technologies to help meet these responsibilities. Montel’s intelligent physical security technologies go beyond just physical product and provide with a multifaceted security approaches for public safety. To secure strategic and critical infrastructures Montel develops trusted solutions through utilizing advanced video security technologies. Our integrated solutions help to deliver necessary information to make critical and time-sensitive decisions.

Security at any event is absolutely essential regardless of the size. Public venues require an atmosphere where visitors feel safe, ensuring a continued revenue stream and tourism dollars for their communities. Providing solutions that unobtrusively offer public venue administrators the tools to manage and protect the safety of people and assets in high-volume situations is of Montel’s expertise. Montel’s effective IT security and safety strategies ensure operational continuity of public venues, events and facilities.

Sustainable solutions ensuring workplace safety are vital for the utility industry. Montel's customized, reliable physical security and access control solutions enable industry leaders to prevent unplanned outages, facility damage, and business disruptions by effectively investigating security incidents. Analytical data from open source surveillance and security platforms allow users to detect threats and identify potential vulnerabilities on time. Montel’s IT security technologies can be easily integrated with other security systems seamlessly through advanced security platforms.