Montel Technologies partnered with communications industry leader Motorola Solutions in 2010 to expand video surveillance capabilities for the city of the Chicago.

Motorola’s John Muench, project program director, said the strategic partnership included Montel providing both the engineers to help design the security solutions and supplying technicians to support and maintain the systems, a differentiator from other providers.
One of the key areas on which Montel Founder and President Ray Montelongo and his team focused was outfitting Chicago Public Schools with video surveillance linked directly back to Chicago Police Department headquarters, allowing for real-time communications and immediate response to school needs. Another unique project involved a partnership between police and hotels to protect citizens by targeting pickpockets with video technology.

Because of the program’s success, the original five-year partnership between the city and Motorola was extended two years and recently was extended again. This has resulted in more than seven years of work and a contract valued at over $70 million. Muench said the Montel team brought credentialing and invaluable expert knowledge in security practices to help avoid hacks and other threats to the systems.

He also said the sensitive nature of the security work requires a high level of trust, which Motorola has in Montel.

“Montel delivered professional services and brought their expertise in video and networking to the program,” Muench said. “Ray has a good eye for young talent. He’s got a good training program that gets his employees up to speed so they can grow and work at a high level. The quality of his workers is top tier. They’re part of the team – they don’t act like contractors. There’s a personal ownership of the business, which is a quality not easily found in regular contractors.”

John Muench
Project Program Director, Motorola Solutions, Inc. Chicago IL.