Montel Technologies has comprehensive capabilities to address security needs across a variety of industries. The development of an effective, customized physical infrastructure security solution requires the professional design and engineering services of an experienced team such as Montel Technologies.

Our infrastructure design services are provided by architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering professionals licensed, insured and experienced in the planning and design phase of multi-level security solutions to protect assets, people and critical infrastructure

Security design includes knowledge of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines. From our initial design process, Motel Technologies works in partnership with organizational representatives to design a solution that meets complex security needs. From this stage of the process, Montel can provide:

  • Conceptual design drawings to visually present the plan
  • Technical specification documents that demonstrate proof of concept to meet client objectives
  • A design concept summary to outline the plan, cost estimates, implementation considerations, assumptions and a tentative timeline with defined milestones.

As the project progresses, the Montel Technologies design team will provide design drawings and technical specifications at the 30, 60, 90 and 100 percent design milestones. These documents include plans, elevations, details, sections, specifications and narratives to describe all requirements of the project.

Hard copies of these documents are also provided as required to client representatives for design milestone review. In partnership with our clients, we meet and review plans at multiple stages, incorporating feedback and comments into subsequent designs. At the completion of the design phase, clients will also receive final documents for review and future record.



Analytics / Reporting

With advancements in technology, our ability to gather, filter, correlate and analyze security information in growing exponentially.

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Audits / Risk Management

Even the best security systems can become obsolete. A thorough security assessment should be completed every two to five years.

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Implementation / Project Management

We keep a constant eye on design and project specifications, managing the details of the entire project.

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Maintenance / Repair

Montel Technologies offers security system maintenance contracts and repair services to protect the investment in a security solution.

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Planning / Design

Montel Technologies has comprehensive capabilities to address security needs across a variety of industries.

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Mobile Security

Security solutions are not limited to permanent spaces anymore. Given the threats facing large public events and gatherings, there is a growing need to protect the people and property in these temporary settings.

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