Seamless Intrusion Detection


Keeping your business safe and secure is our number one priority. Our commercial intrusion detection system employs the latest developments in electronic security.

Montel Technologies will deploy a custom system to meet the unique needs of your facilities regardless of size, suing sensors and peripheral devices made for your application

Our combination of proven technologies provide you with complete protection and total flexibility, all in one platform. Once Montel Technologies Intrusion Detection system is installed, you can keep track of activity via the Internet – at the office, at home or on your smartphone.

Montel’s IDS security systems are designed to work together seamlessly through deploying firewall technology at the network perimeter for protection of internal systems from external users and internal attackers.

Benefits of the Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Identifies the number and type of security incidents/events
  • Prevents security events from becoming security incidents;
  • Provides active response to perimeter violations
  • Protects vulnerable, critical assets;
  • Improves the ability to identify network devices