Access Control

Today’s electronic access control systems have to go far beyond simply locking and unlocking of doors.

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Card Access

Montel provides state-of-the-art, SIO-enabled, high security smart card credentials for microprocessor cards, tags, and digital ID badges.

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Digital ID Badging

Digital ID Badging is a necessity for virtually every form of business. Montel Technologies offers systems that resist tampering and duplication with advanced features.

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Dynamic Info Screen

Montel’s web-enabled Dynamic Information Screen technology delivers seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make content look great from any angle.

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Electronic Access Control

Montel offers smart ways to manage access for administrative, commercial, and industrial facilities.

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Gates and Barriers

Montel’s security gates and security barriers are fitted with the latest safety equipment to enhance safety throughout any length of perimeter.

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In Car Video

Montel offers a wide variety of in car video camera for law enforcement, police in car video systems, police car camera systems, digital video recorders, radar-based systems, and other in car camera options.

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Seamless Intrusion Detection

Keeping your business safe and secure is our number one priority. Our commercial intrusion detection system employs the latest developments in electronic security.

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LED Video Walls

Montel offers a complete portfolio of LED, and projection video walls, along with a wide range of premium features and customization options.

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License Plate Recognition

Wider utilization of IP cameras now allows for use of automatic LPR solutions. Montel’s License Plate Recognition tool can be integrated with the existing security infrastructure to increase everyday efficiency, service levels or security.

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Wireless Motion Detectors

Montel’s multipurpose Wireless Motion Detectors are an exciting new advance in security industry that provides the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection.

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Physical Security

Montel’s wide range of physical security services are directed for the protection of personnel, facilities, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions and events.

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Public Display Monitors

With leading-edge interactive display technology, Montel customizes public display applications satisfying different needs of customers.

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Public Intercoms

Montel Technologies has developed revolutionary IP Audio and VoIP Solutions, for emergency communications, IP Video Door Intercom, public address, and mass notification.

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To improve the physical security of your buildings and facilities, one of the best options is the use of turnstiles to control employee and visitor access.

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Two Way Radio

We provide advanced communication solutions including 2-way radios, radio system infrastructure, radio dispatch equipment and wireless local and wide-area network.

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Video Surveillance

Montel represents the leading edge mobile video surveillance technology. We integrate proven performance of best quality cameras and recorders with revolutionary software and communications technology.

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Visitor Management

Through its Visitor Management Solution, Montel offers secure approach to identify, manage & track visitors when access control system integration is required.

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WiFi Technology

Montel’s indoor and campus Wi-Fi designed to carry voice, video and data traffic across the enterprise in a robust, seamlessly roaming wireless environment.

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Fleet Management

Efficiency and productivity is the rational use of existing internal business resources. Better fleet management allows you to leverage asset utilization, through achieving higher productivity and efficiency with less resources.

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